What is the Most Expensive Car in the World?

Thinking about buying a used car and you’re sick of all of that money sitting in your bank account? We feel your pain. Well, the average new luxury car owner now spends over $67,000 on a new vehicle. Many of the most expensive cars in the world are one-offs or limited editions that were bespoke made for wealthy owners.

While this was unthinkable only a decade ago, it begs the question; how expensive do cars get? From popular car brands like Bugatti, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Rimac, Aston Martin, Pagani and others to high-end luxury car models, let’s talk about the most expensive car in the world for every category!

Most Expensive Sedan

Most Expensive Sedan - Rolls-Royce Phantom

The 2022-2023 Rolls-Royce Phantom is the most expensive 4-door sedan on the market. New models start at around $475,000, which is more than four times the next most expensive (Mercedez-Benz S-Class) at $109,000.

As you’d expect, the Phantom has all of the luxury and craftsmanship you would expect in a half-million-dollar Rolls-Royce vehicle. Of course, it also has the power to back it up, with its 6.7L V12 turbo engine and rear-wheel drive.

Hopefully, you’ll save some money left over for gas, as the vehicle weighs 5,700 pounds and only gets 12 mpg in the city and up to 20 mph on the highway. However, if you can afford a Phantom, we’re sure this won’t make too big of a dent in your wallet, even with gas prices so high!

Most Expensive SUV

Most Expensive SUV - 2023 Rolls Royce Cullinan

For the first time ever, SUVs are now the most popular type of vehicle in 42 out of 50 states in the US. The Toyota Camry was the most popular vehicle for two decades, but consumers are now turning to crossovers like the RAV4 in large numbers. Okay, so which is the most expensive?

When reading a list of “most expensive cars”, you may be surprised that it took you this long to see Rolls Royce mentioned, but here we are. The 2023 Rolls Royce Cullinan is the most expensive SUV, starting at $396,000, but with most versions selling for over $450,000.

With 536 horsepower and the classic Rolls Royce aesthetic, the Cunillan is another home run for the most prestigious car brand in history. As always, most components in the vehicle are hand-crafted and beautifully finished both inside and out.

The SUV is also incredibly fast, traveling from 0 to 60 mph in only 4.7 seconds. While Rolls-Royces aren’t known for their speed, that is incredible with a curb weight of 6,069 lbs! This power (and weight) primarily comes from the twin-turbocharged V12 engine.

Of course, engines aren’t the primary concern in a Rolls-Royce. The interior uses high-quality leather which you can view through the coach-style doors that close themselves ever-so-gently. The keyless ignition and incredible user features are sure to impress anyone who gets the opportunity to drive one!

If that’s not in your price range, check out some of the best used SUVs to buy today!

Most Expensive Pickup Truck

Most Expensive Pickup Truck - GMC Hummer EV

While the Tesla Cybertruck and the F150 Lightning have gotten all of the hype recently, they are not the most expensive by any means. For 2022 and 2023, the most expensive pickup truck is the all-new GMC Hummer EV.

This new model comes with up to 350 miles of range, an impressive 7500lb towing capacity (1500lb payload capacity), and amazing luxury features. Overall, the revamped Hummer is now an eco-friendly and luxurious work truck or personal vehicle for anyone who can afford it, starting at $111,000.

For a truck of its size, at 9,063 lbs, would you believe us if we told you that it can reach 60 mph in only 3.3 seconds? That’s thanks to its 1000HP electric motor and single-speed 4WD transmission.

Okay, what about the luxury features? For starters, how about in-car WiFi, heated and cooled seats, and around-view cameras?

Surprised that it’s cheaper than the SUV? While we did leave out some “pickup trucks” that are pricier than the Hummer EV, it is the most expensive one in 2023 that legally qualifies as a passenger vehicle and not as a commercial or military-grade vehicle.

For example, the Dartz Prombrom comes in at $1.25 million, but it only takes one look at it to know that it belongs in another category. Therefore, we went with the most expensive model you could recognize as a pickup truck.

Pickup trucks are supposed to be practical, and the Prombrom is anything but that. Check out some of the best used pickup trucks if that’s you need something dependable!

Most Expensive Electric Car

In 2023, we can’t create categories for cars without mentioning electric vehicles. When researching this topic, all information points toward the 2023 Porche Taycan at $191,450, but that isn’t true. If you’re thinking it’s the Tesla Founders Series Roadster at $250,000, the fastest-accelerating car in history, you’d also be incorrect.

No, the most expensive electric vehicle is the Rolls Royce Spectre at a whopping $413,000. It is Rolls Royce’s first-ever electric car, and they didn’t disappoint.

Moreover, it is almost certainly Rolls Royce’s quietest car ever. The electric motor hardly makes a hum, so you can ride around with peace and tranquility at a top speed of 155 mph (but please don’t).

At over 6500 pounds, it still boasts an impressive 282-mile range, making it perfect for driving around locally without having to worry. You can easily let your entire county know you have a Rolls-Royce Spectre!

The Most Expensive Car in the World

Most Expensive Car - Rolls Royce Boat Tail

It should come as no surprise to you that the most expensive new car in the world is a sports car, which is why it didn’t get its own category. The most expensive car in the world is a Rolls Royce Boat Tail, coming in at a whopping $28 million for the 2023 model.

This makes the Boat Tail, by far, the most expensive street-legal car in the world. So, what makes it so expensive?

Well, the classic Rolls Royce luxury, status, and unique features are a good start. Most of the price is due to its expertly hand-crafted features down to the finest details on the vehicle. That’s the Rolls Royce brand!

Inspired by the mother of pearl, the vehicle uses flakes of bronze and gold-colored aluminum mica flakes that subtly change colors in different lighting. The finish on the vehicle alone costs more than some vehicles.

The interior boasts gold-plated pinstripes with a hand-brushed satin finish for an unbelievable shine. The rear trunk opens with two doors, giving it the name “Boat Tail”.

Okay, but let’s talk about performance. Rolls Royces are certainly known more as a status symbol than as a racecar, much like how a Rolex tells time the same as a cheap watch from Walmart. Although power isn’t the main goal of a Rolls Royce, it still boasts some incredible specs and features.

To start, it can reach 62 mph (100 km) in about 5 seconds. It tops out at 155 mph, and the 3.0-liter BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder engine delivers an impressive 543 horsepower. No, this isn’t a racing car, but again, that isn’t the point.

Honorable Mentions

We broke this down by category, but there are plenty of incredibly expensive cars well beyond the cost of our most expensive sedans. Of course, all of these honorable mentions are sports cars. Here are some honorable mentions of the most expensive cars in the world.

Bugatti La Voiture Noire

With its quad-turbo 8-liter W16 engine, the La Voiture Noire produces an unprecedented 1479 horsepower and 1600 newton meters of torque. Moreover, its sleek design based on the Chiron, powerful engine, and incredible speeds come at a whopping price of $18.7 million.

Bugatti Centodieci

Surprise, surprise. Another Bugatti model in our most expensive honorable mentions.

Bugatti is well known for its incredibly fast sports cars with a slick, racecar design. This masterpiece uses a W16 engine and aerodynamic design that can reach 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 2.4 seconds and top out at 240 mph (380 km/h).

Don’t let the paper-thin design fool you, as this sports car is not light by any means, weighing in at 4,350 pounds, nearly as much as the largest Toyota Tacoma on the market!

Mercedes Maybach Exelero

With twin-turbo V12 engines, 690 horsepower, and 1020 newton-meters of torque, the Maybach Exelero is quite powerful. It’s also quite noisy in the best way possible!

Believe it or not, this nice little coupe with the classic Mercedes look comes in at a whopping 5,864 pounds (2,660 kg) and can reach 62 mph (100 km) in under 4.4 seconds. All of this comes at a price of just over $10 million.

Gordon Murray T.50

The unveiling of Murray’s brand-new automobile has been met with widespread acclaim. A technical and aesthetic masterpiece that aims to revive the classic, analog driving experience while adding 21st-century conveniences. We’re looking at a concept with a finished factory, an all-new engine and running gear, and a target delivery date of early 2022. One hundred fortunate buyers will experience the thrill of driving this highly sought-after, most expensive car.

The T.50 is not being built as a number racer. Still, the results thus far show that GMA’s primary development goals, such as performance by technology and originality by design, are paying off in spades. Given its three-seat arrangement and V12 engine, the T. 50’s attainment of its goal to curb weight of 986 kg is quite remarkable.

Building on the groundwork laid by Professor Murray in the McLaren F1, the T.50 is the next supercar design and engineering evolution.

W Motors Lykan Hypersport

You wouldn’t know from looking at the Lykan Hypersport that a brand-new firm made it. This is because it is well crafted and attractive in every respect. It’s astonishing how the hefty roof and multiple body surfacing treatments give it a military vibe without being too heavy.

The Lykan Hypersport has LED headlamps whose blades are made of titanium and set with 440 15-carat diamonds. Rubies, yellow diamonds, and sapphires were all available as color options, making this vehicle a strong candidate in running the most expensive cars in the world.

Though W Motors designed the Lykan Hypersport to be fast, the focus was on making the cabin as pleasant and elegant as possible. The seats and dashboard are upholstered in premium leather, while the steering wheel is wrapped in thick racing Alcantara for optimal comfort. The seat seams are embroidered with gold thread.

Pagani Huayra BC

The Huayra’s softer-rounded sides and more approachable profile are calming. While traditional aerodynamics necessitated a lot of crisp folds and right angles, today’s active aero measures provide a more organic form that is both more contemporary and aesthetically beautiful. Despite having more abrasive performance specifications, the design is softer and more rounded. The Huayra is a more refined, mature, and feminine take on the original, accentuating its most excellent qualities while simplifying its flaws.

The Pagani Huayra’s design is as elegant as a lotus bloom, and its transparent body lets you admire every piece of its fearsome machinery. The Huayra is stunning in either of its configurations. Seeing the automobile in person is the only way to comprehend why it is one of the most expensive cars.

Although Huayra draws heavily on Pagani’s inspiration with Zonda, it is an original design. Everything has been rethought and redesigned from the ground up to provide the pinnacle of 

Hypercar performance and handling. Huayra’s active aerodynamic aids are a significant selling feature. Titanium is used for the 1,400 fasteners, including the bolts on the Pagani symbol.

Lamborghini Sian

Only 63 lucky buyers received Sian, the most expensive car from Lamborghini, a limited edition hybrid supercar sporting the brand’s raging bull logo. Although it possessed some luxurious features and technology, Lamborghini has always been known for such things. Its temperature-sensitive active aero and electric-assist motor’s power source were both intriguing. 

In addition, it costs $3.6 million, which is more than a Pagani Zonda R and is the most potent Lamborghini ever produced. The fortunate few who could obtain one only experienced pure, unadulterated bliss. The Sian may be beyond reach for most people, but the cutting-edge engineering and design that went into making it what it is makes it one of the most expensive cars. Lithium-ion supercapacitors provide electric power for the Sian, which can store energy and release it very quickly. 

The Lamborghini is a supercar with the guts to continue to run on a naturally aspirated V12. Modern supercars almost always use carbon fiber, but the Sian FKP 37 pushes the material to new heights. Aluminum and carbon fiber are used for the front and back structure, but a novel temperature-sensitive technology is used in the material surrounding the exhaust. The Sian is marketed as being the most customized Lamborghini ever produced.

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport broke the 300-mile-per-hour threshold in 2019. It took them two years to produce the first eight vehicles, and now they are ready for delivery as one of the most expensive cars in the world ever.

The 30th and last Chiron Super Sport, manufactured in commemoration of the car’s record-breaking 304.773 mph maximum speed run, has been released. This Chiron Super Sport, like every other, has an exposed carbon fiber body with Jet Orange highlights, and it sets new standards for straight-line speed.

The Thor engine powers the Bugatti Super Sport. This W16 engine, displacing 8.0 liters, generates 1600 horsepower. That’s an additional hundred horsepower above the base Chiron. Its peak speed of 304.773 mph was made possible by its potent engine plant and well-tuned aerodynamics.

Bugatti Divo

Like the Bugatti Chiron before it, the Divo is a study in aerodynamics. Still, its more exotic appearance and limited availability make it a candidate for one of the most expensive cars. It is stipulated after French racing driver Albert Divo, who drove a Bugatti to victory in the 1920s Targa Florio endurance event. It’s expensive because it’s a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that took years to design and build and has cutting-edge gadgetry. To complete a Bugatti, a crew of at least 20 individuals must work together to assemble over 1,800 individual pieces.

Countless hours were spent tweaking the model’s suspension and chassis settings and improving its aerodynamics. This allows the Divo to have 90 kg greater downforce while being 35 kg lighter than the regular Chiron2. The Divo now boasts a lateral acceleration of 1.6 g. It can only go as fast as 380 km/h. They will produce only 40 cars in the series.

Pagani Zonda

The Pagani Zonda is a beautiful Italian supercar and one of the most expensive cars. Since its 1999 debut, the Zonda has received a constant stream of revisions, and every time we think Pagani is done manufacturing them, they introduce another VIP edition. This supercar is uncommon, with just 200 units sold.

A previous Audi RS4 has more horsepower than its 6.0-liter V12 engine 444. A fourth and fifth were maintained as crash test dummies and a 760 prototype, respectively. 

These supercars raised the bar with robotized multi-program sequential gearboxes, adjustable suspensions, greater power, and lower weight. These Zonda variants were crazy. Zonda’s initial engine was a mid-mounted V-12 DOHC. The car’s circular four-pipe exhaust and other features were inspired by jet fighters and Sauber-Mercedes Silver Arrow Group C’s most expensive cars.

Hit the Road Today

Now that you know the most expensive car in the world, you can see why luxury car models are becoming more and more expensive. Still, even if you can’t afford a Bugatti or a Rolls Royce, there are always great cars out there to show off to your friends and community.

Stay up to date with our latest automotive news, and check out our used cars to find one that’s right for you!