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Finding the right tires for your vehicle can be extremely important for both its performance and its level of safety. Get in touch with the tire experts at any of ours Schumacher Chevrolet Dealer locations if you want to get the most out of your Chevrolet. Make sure you inquire about our brand-new, cutting-edge mounting and balancing equipment as soon as possible.

Need new Tires?

At our service center, we are able to take care of any and all of the servicing and maintenance requirements you may have for your vehicle, from the more involved to the more routine. That, of course, includes advising you on whether or not it is time to replace your old tires, and providing you and others who drive vehicles similar to yours in the Hawthorne area with the tire set that is best suited to your automobile.

Using Our Tire Finder

We’re happy to offer you a helpful TireFinder tool to streamline the search for your next set of tires. Enter the year, manufacturer, model, and equipment level of your vehicle, and the tool will return the appropriate tire size. The answer is as easy as that!

Tires: A Necessity for Safe Travel

Only your tires actually make contact with the pavement as you drive through Little Falls, Paterson, and the rest of New Jersey. They have to withstand extreme temperatures, wet and dry conditions, uneven ground, heavy loads, and lots of pressure. That’s why you need to equip your car with sturdy tires!

Is it Necessary for Me to Get New Tires?

If you need new tires, how do you know if that time has come? The penny test is one example of a helpful trick you can use. If you can see Lincoln’s head when you place a penny upside-down in the tread of your tires, it’s time to replace them. Tread depth, which can be checked with a simple gauge, is actually being measured in this test. If the tread on your tires is worn down to 2/32 inches, it’s time to get new ones. A lot of people also don’t know that if you’re worried about driving on wet roads, you should think about getting new tires when the tread reaches 4/32nds of an inch. In addition, even if the tires look fine on the outside, most car manufacturers advise replacing them after six years.

Why Car Tires Need More Care?

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Don’t know if you need new tires yet? Help is at hand, and we can provide it. If you have any further inquiries regarding your tire requirements, please contact us today via email or phone.