Vehicle Protection Plans

The Protection Plan helps provide additional protection on top of the manufacturer’s warranty for your vehicle’s, steering, and more. Choose the only coverage that shares the same name as the vehicle you drive and move forward with confidence on the roads ahead.

Here at Schumacher , we’re proud to offer our customers a selection of protection products and plans that can both enhance your ownership experience and protect your investment. It’s no secret that you can experience unexpected and unpleasant surprises like an accident, mechanical problems, or small annoyances like a door ding in the parking lot. Wouldn’t it be nice to drive worry-free and know that you’re protected from the unknown?

Listed below, you can browse our wide array of protection products and plans that offer coverage that’s customized for your specific needs. From extending your warranty beyond the factory coverage term or eliminating unexpected wear and tear charges at the end of your lease to reducing the costs and inconvenience from unpleasant surprises like hitting a pothole – Schumacher has you covered!

Gap Coverage
Protection Plan
XS Wear Protection
Tire and Wheel Protection