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Document Checklist for Selling Your Car

If you’re looking to purchase an automobile, one of the most common steps is finding the best way to dispose of your old car. Certain people want the highest money possible, while some prefer to surrender keys fast and with minimum hassle. Check out our selling your automobile guide if you want to learn more about the process. You may make the process as simple as possible with this advice.

Needed Documents to Sell Your Used Car


There are many options available if you get the best price on the car you purchase, pay off previous loans, and pay a substantial amount to purchase a brand-new car. It is essential to possess the basics of bargaining skills in a calm and relaxed manner, not being intimidated, and the ability to recognize and reject the worst offer to avoid it not to happen.

Ways to sell your vehicle

A vehicle can be sold in different ways. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, as in the possibility of earning the most money.

  • Car dealer trade-in

An easy way to sell your car is to make an offer to trade it with a used car dealer, where you’ll buy the vehicle you’ll be purchasing. It will not fetch you much; however, it could assist you in saving on taxes for sales. Instead of paying the total price, you generally pay the amount between the cost of the new vehicle and your trade-in value. Make sure you negotiate every aspect.

  • Instant Cash Offer

An ICO (Instant Cash Offer) is possible online, by phone, or in person with a dealer. Enter the license number for your vehicle, along with a description of the car’s mileage and physical condition, and you will be given an instant purchase offer. The more precise your information is, the greater likely you are that your initial deal will become the ultimate price.

  • Selling the car yourself

Self-selling your car could fetch the highest price; however, it takes the most effort. Investing hours preparing your car for a sell and putting together years of sales documents and other paperwork is not enough. You need to communicate with buyers and complete all necessary documents for sales, such as the transfer of title to the vehicle and making your bill of sale.

How do you calculate the value of your car?

Review guide to car value

One of the best methods to figure out the value of a car is to utilize an online guide to the price of cars. Here are three industry-standard guidebooks on the value of cars:

  • Kelley Blue Book
  • NADAguides 
  • Edmunds.
Condition of the vehicle

Before you can calculate the value of your car, it is best to collect a few facts regarding your car.

  • The model and year: Ensuring all these information pieces are correct. It’s not uncommon to misinterpret your model with another, mainly when your vehicle model has been discontinued.
  • Mileage: It is best to get your mileage straight using your speedometer. 
  • Condition: Cars in good exterior, interior and mechanical condition will usually be sold at a higher value than cars in poor or substandard condition.
Car Condition

If you’re making payments for an auto loan and your title is accompanied by a lien, you’ll have to pay off the outstanding balance before selling your vehicle. If you’ve lost the title or it’s no longer visible, you’ll have to file a claim for a new title by contacting the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Certification of sale

Some states also require a signed certificate of sale. The DMV of some states offers a standardized form that simplifies the procedure. However, whether you choose to use the bill of sale provided by the DMV or write one by hand, it must include the following details:

  • Model
  • Year of production
  • VIN
  • Color
  • Sale price
  • Odometer reading at the date of the sale
  • Signatures of both buyers as well as the seller
  • Address and name of both parties.

Additional documentation needed to sell an automobile

Certain states require additional documentation, a clean title, and a signed purchase invoice.

  • Emission test: You’ll require to show proof that your vehicle passed the tests before you can complete an offer. In some states, you’ll need an emissions test completed for several days before the transaction can be completed.
  • Inspection certificate: The most common components to be examined are turn signals, the tires, brakes, and other problems. If these are the areas you need to check, you must ensure that your vehicle has an up-to-date inspection before you sign the contract of sale and hand it over to the new owner.
  • Additional documents for selling your vehicle include odometer disclosure, warranty information, maintenance records, and a car history report.

To sum up

Consider other aspects that may affect the value of your car. For instance, there might be seasonal influences of the need for automobiles in general or yours only. Due to a variety of reasons, your specific vehicle could be popular in the area you live in. 

You can also make special modifications to your vehicle that will increase or decrease its value. With this information in mind, you should select the best method to sell your car and look for another one when you have some extra money. Schumacher Used is the best place to purchase a used car and sell your car at the best price.


Q. Do I have to offer my used car for sale?

The main drawback of selling your vehicle privately is the risk to your safety associated with the procedure. You interact with strangers, invite them to negotiate, join them on an inspection drive, and perform numerous other things essential to close the deal. If you cannot verify the person’s legitimacy before the meeting, you’re placing yourself at risk for serious safety. 

Q. Can I get the value of my car if I sell it privately?

If you get a genuine buyer, you might get your car’s worth by selling privately. However, it’s crucial to be aware that there are plenty of risks that you must take on when going through selling your vehicle by yourself. Over half of the inquiries you get are from non-serious buyers and dealers, referred to as time-wasters. The downside to this process is the possibility of being fraudulently scammed.

Q. What are the documents needed to sell the car?

The documents required for selling a car are:

– Title
– Sale bill
– Emissions test documentation
– Odometer disclosure
– Owner’s guide
– Documents of warranty
– Service records.