Cars That Are Ideal for Those Who Own Dogs

Recent studies have found that the United States is home to 86.9 million pets, with a majority of households proudly boasting at least one canine companion. When you have a four-legged furry friend, the desire to include them in every adventure is undeniable. However, not all vehicles are created equal when it comes to accommodating our furry companions, making it a pivotal consideration in the car-buying process.

In fact, 85% of dog owners think about their dogs while buying a car. People want to take their pets with them in their cars, be it a long trip or the nearby shopping, to keep their loyal friends happy and safe. Scroll down to discover the list of the best care for your canine friends. 

Features of a dog friendly cars

Your dog’s priorities are substantial boots with low sill and big openings, making the ride pleasant. Nonetheless, you also have to focus on certain features to buy the best one. Here are some factors to look out for.

  • Cargo space

Whether your dog is small or big, an average or decent cargo space is a must in a car. Spacious back seats will allow the dogs to rest comfortably while you are on the ride. Also, such adequate space will allow you to tuck your canine companion into the crate, ensuring their safety.

  • Climate control

In case you have to park your car in the sunlight, it will shoot up the interior temperature within a few minutes. Dogs, naturally intolerant to heat, will feel uncomfortable while sitting in the back. Hence having climatic controls will be a good addition to your car, to make them feel at ease even the temperature rise.

  • Easy to clean

Stains are common in pets and tend to happen often. Hence if you wish to travel along with your dog, the vehicle should have an easy-to-clean interior. Such upholstery, like leather, will allow you to clean the seats promptly, just like a breeze. 

If you want fabric seats, ensure to protect them with plastic covers. Having a removable floor mat and easily accessible will be a plus.

  • Height

Lower ride heights will be easier to deck in and out of the car, especially for older dogs. A lower ride also makes it simple for you to lift them or their crate out, whenever needed. Including lift gates to the rear is also a priority.

6 Ideal cars for canine companions

Are you on the hunt for dog-friendly cars? Here we have compiled a list of the 6 best cars for dog owners to help you out.

1. Volvo V90

Volvo V90 is a 560-liter boot that will feel and look more sophisticated for your dog. It is designed with a wide array of practical touches, from handy tie-down hooks to electric boot lids and storage nets.

In addition, it also has a dog gate with a load compartment divider, that assures the safety of your furry friend. Besides the choice of petro, diesel and plug-in hybrid, you will also have an attractive and intuitive infotainment system.

2. BMW 5 series touring

Opting for BMW 5 series touring for your next ride will make you and your dog hit the luxury jackpot. The model is a perfect piece of practicality and comfort, fun to drive for a long trip. The smart exterior and touring body will leave a huge space for your dog to get into.

With its 12V socket for a vacuum, it will be easy to clean up. The best part about this vehicle is its 2.0-liter diesel engine that seeps into the smooth driving experience. It also comes with powerful suspension strikes, giving you a perfect balance between comfort and control.

3. Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer is next on the list of best cars for dog owners, a midsize SUV suitable for big pets. The contemporary explorer has adequate cargo space to hold a dog kennel, where you can fold second and third-row seats.

The car has an innovative tri-zone climate control system that will allow you to transport your pet dog to travel anywhere, for any event, without any hindrance to their comfort. With their certified mechanics and 150-point inspections, you will be assured about the safety of your beloved friend.

4. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

If you want a car that is suitable for your family and a pedigree pet, then E-class estate could be the effective choice. Mercedes has been known for its safe transportation of families and dogs for years, thanks to its comfort, practicality and style.

The interior is stylishly equipped with safety, driver assistance and futuristic connecting systems. Your pet will definitely appreciate the smooth ride. In addition, it also has a drift mode accompanied by a ferocious 603 bhp twin-turbo V8 in the front.

5. Dacia Duster

Dacia Duster is an unrivaled creation, just made for the unpretentious creatures named dogs. The car has everything you need to keep your dogs and yourself happy. If you are a newbie owner, you can find bigger and well-shaped interiors, which allow even large dogs to be comfortable.

Known for its impeccable features, delectable duster also has high standards. Then here comes the price, the most cost-effective SUVs you can purchase without compromising comfort and gain a full SUV driving experience.

6. Volkswagen Atlas

The vintage Volkswagen Atlas is a large SUV, popularly termed the champion of cargo space. With its 96.8 cubic feet of space and foldable second and third-row seats, the weekend edition is excellent for dogs.

Besides the cargo divider, the vehicle comes with faux leather upholstery with SE and SEL trims, which are simple to clean. The trims are also equipped with tri-zone autonomous temperature control, ensuring that your pet stays cool or warm throughout the journey.

The bottom line

The car you choose for your canine friend should be appealing to drivers and passengers while also posing a safe and comfortable space for them. It should offer a large boot, easy access and a pleasant traveling experience for humans and dogs alike. Ensure a smooth ride with the best car for dog owners, keeping yourself and your pets happy on a long journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much space does your dog need in a car?

Your furry companion requires adequate space to sit, stand and turn around comfortably during travel. Hence, before deciding on the best car, measure the length of the crate and add more 5-10 cm than the measure of your dog.

What type of car seats are better for dogs?

Between leather and cloth seats, leather is found to be durable, easy to maintain and overall considered the best type of car seat for dogs.

What is the best car for big dogs?

Finding the right car for big dogs might be a challenging task. The car should have plenty of room inside so that they can get in and out of the vehicle quite easily. Besides the comfort, it will also protect the paintwork and upholstery of the car from the sharp claws and paws of dogs.