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Best Car Battery Charger


Car batteries may lose their power due to climate changes, aging, or even just leaving the headlights on. We have curated a list of the best car battery charger that should assist you in starting your car and getting it moving again.

Investing in the best battery charger for a car can save you from problems related to a flat battery. Additionally, using a charger is easier than jump-starting a vehicle because you do not have to pass long cords from one car to the other. 

List of Best Battery Charger For Car

  1. Battery Tender Plus battery charger
  2. NOCO Genius1 battery charger
  3. Schumacher SC1281 battery charger
  4. Battery Tender Junior battery charger
  5. Optima Digital 400 battery charger
  6. Schumacher SC1325 battery charger
  7. CTEK 40-206 MXS 5.0 battery charger

1. Battery Tender Plus battery charger

The type of car you ride usually has little impact on selecting the best battery charger for car. Lead-acid batteries are used in most automobiles, motorcycles, SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles because they are relatively durable and affordable to manufacture. For example, a charger that could charge a lead acid 12-volt battery in a car may also recharge a battery in a motorbike.

The Battery Tender Plus is the best car battery charger for lead-acid batteries. This automatic battery charger with a voltage regulator; will automatically turn off after the battery has fully charged, eliminating overcharging. This charger also has a “float” battery maintenance system that maintains total strength when the vehicle is inactive, countering the self-discharge in lead-acid batteries.


  • Can charge battery up to 12V
  • An in-built automatic charge controller
  • Simple to connect and unplug
  • Works effectively in hot and cold climates


  • Difficult to charge dead Batteries
  • The device is not waterproof
  • It takes time to charge bigger batteries

2. NOCO Genius1 battery charger

The most popular best battery charger for cars right now is the NOCO Genius1. It is a reliable automated charger that enables recharging without any worry.

Various types of batteries, notably lithium-ion, AGM, deep-cycle battery packs, and 6- 12 volt batteries, are compatible with the Genius1. Including a trickle charge function that maintains your battery charge during an extended period of non-usage. Additionally, trickle charger makes adjustments towards its 1-amp charging based on the temperature readings from the sensor due to their safety features.

This Genius1 battery charger can revive entirely dead batteries adding to its usefulness. The Genius1 features a “force mode” which enables it to work like a conventional charger. Genius1 gives value for your money when recharging your battery, making it the best car battery charger.


  • Can charge all types of batteries
  • 24*7 worry-free charging
  • Revive dead batteries
  • 3 years warranty


  • Recharges one battery at a time
  • Cannot detect battery type automatically

3. Schumacher SC1281 smart battery charger

Battery chargers are available in a variety of capacities and power levels. Many vehicle battery chargers, however, are so huge that they are more appropriate for use in automotive workshops rather than in the households of individuals. Selecting a strong battery charger for cars that is also practical for household uses is a fine balancing act.

The Schumacher SC1281 variant combines tremendous power and practical mobility for the best of both segments. The device can supply 2 to 12 amps of electricity to charge a battery pack slowly, 30 amperage for a rapid boost, or perhaps 100 amps to function as a jump starter. The recharging unit features a grip that makes transport easier and weighs roughly 12 pounds.


  • Detects battery voltage automatically
  • 100 Amps of engine start
  • Can charge large batteries
  • Wide range of voltage


  • The clamps are a bit small

4. Battery Tender Junior battery charger

The Battery Tender Junior is the best option If long-term battery storage is all that worries you.

The Battery Tender Junior is a completely automated battery charger, similar to the Plus version. It has a “float” function that enables it to be left connected to the battery terminals and recharge the batteries as needed. Although the 0.75 amps of electricity will not let a speedy recharge, users won’t require any additional if they keep the Junior connected for a long time. The Junior is a lighter, more economical version.

The Battery Tender Junior is also highly adaptable, given that it can be used in 12-volt conventional lead-acid, flooded, and closed servicing-free battery packs.


  • In-built microprocessor protects from overcharge
  • Spark proof design
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Can charge and maintain the charge level


  • Takes too much time to charge large batteries
  • Difficult to use on dead batteries
  • Gets hot during charging

5. Optima Digital 400 battery charger

Automated auto battery chargers simplify the recharging procedure by turning off after your car’s battery is fully charged. However, the majority of them can’t recharge a dead battery. Automatic chargers must first identify a battery because most devices can’t accomplish this with a flat battery, unlike conventional chargers that just deliver current into a supply.

That is not the case for the Optima Digital 400. One can recharge the battery overnight without bothering about breaking the battery. It has an automated intelligent battery charger with a voltage regulator that will replenish the battery and then halt the current. Moreover, it can discover and recharge dead batteries. The charger can revive batteries believed to be dead, saving the owner’s money.

Additionally, the Optima Digital 400 is simple to operate. The LCD panel keeps the operator informed about the status of the charging period. Lastly, your complete recharging procedure is quicker with the 4-amp charge rate than with other versions.


  • Build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Power output


  • Less sturdy

6. Schumacher SC1325 battery charger

The Schumacher SC1325 is large. It is about 2 feet in height, nearly 30 pounds in weight, and has a handle.

The SC1325 is the best option if you need fast charging (it also has rollers that make the load relatively tolerable). It includes recharging and servicing settings that supply 2 or 6 amps of electricity. Still, it may also provide a 40 amp surge to revitalize a battery or, if required, a 250 amp jump-start, which will restart even big engines.

The Schumacher SC1325 can handle various batteries, notably deep-cycle, AGM, gel, and ordinary lead-acid batteries. What matters most, in conclusion, is if the SC1325 meets your unique requirements. This can be the perfect option if you want a powerful charger/jump starter that will get you running rapidly if necessary.


  • Heavy duty clamps
  • Tough and lasts long
  • Inbuilt cooling system to prevent overheating
  • Can jumpstart a dead battery


  • Portability is an issue
  • Consume large space
  • Costs more

7. CTEK 40-206 MXS 5.0 battery charger

Recreational vehicles are a rarity as most road vehicles run on regular, lead-acid batteries. Deep-cycle, lead-acid batteries made to supply energy for long periods, are found in RVs. Normal lead-acid batteries will not be rapidly depleted during routine use, whereas deep-cycle batteries are designed to be fully discharged and recharged hundreds of times.

This should not be a wonder that a deep-cycle battery charger recharges for an RV battery, and the CTEK 40-206 MXS 5.0 can perform this (in addition to charging all types of vehicle batteries). With only a lead, the operator could see precisely how well the charge performs and when the car may be operated. It features an eight-step automated recharging procedure. Additionally, it contains a float system that maintains the battery’s charge between 95% and 100% well after the original charge, resulting in a current of 4.3 amps.


  • Dust and shockproof
  • Sturdy build
  • Safe and simple to use
  • Can charge all types of car batteries


  • Charging cables are short
  • 240 V main supply needed

Things to consider before purchasing a car battery charger

Do you prefer an automatic or manual intelligent battery charger?

Although manual chargers are superior at recovering dead batteries, automatic chargers are often simpler to use since they control the power to avoid battery-damaging overcharging.

How much power should a charger have?

If you desire a device that charges batteries gradually and maintains the charge when not utilized. 

Do you prefer a charger that can jump-start a vehicle and swiftly charge a battery?

Although theoretically, each device on the listing is a compact charger, some are bigger than others. Chargers with more power are typically bigger.

What kind of budget do you have for a battery charger?

The power provided and the device’s price is often directly correlated, so if you wish to recharge more rapidly, you’ll have to pay extra.


The discharge of a vehicle battery can result from a variety of causes, including weather conditions, battery aging, or excessive usage of the vehicle’s electrical equipment. In any case, before you choose to embark on a lengthy journey, you must ensure that the battery in your car is fully charged. And you’re not required to do it by going to an auto service center. You may purchase the best car battery charger online and complete the task yourself.