Used Car Buying Advice From The Federal Trade Commission

When you’re shopping for a used vehicle, you’re shopping as much for a reputable business to buy from as you are shopping for the vehicle itself. You need to know which dealerships are trustworthy, which ones are upfront about pricing, and which ones are transparent and disclose everything they know about the condition of the vehicle you’re looking at. Fortunately, there is some independent advice on this topic from the gold standard in consumer fairness, the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC put together a guide to finding the best dealership to buy from, and we think it’s great advice from a source you can trust. Take a look.

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Used Car Buying Advice From The FTC

Even if this is your first time shopping for a used vehicle, the guide from the FTC is easy to understand and is a quick read, you can see for yourself here. The purchase process is divided into several sections, each highlighting a different part of the process. Most of these are easy to look for when hunting for the right dealership, and at SchumacherUsed, we’re proud to say that our buying process already meets these criteria. Here are the main points made in the guide:

Buyers Guide –This is an important one, and as the FTC is sure to mention right away, a legal requirement. This is a guide to the vehicle’s history, and it lets you know if there’s anything you should know about the vehicle that isn’t obvious. Since this is a legal requirement, any dealership that doesn’t provide should be avoided.

Online Access To Carfax Reports –Carfax reports give you all the available details on a vehicle’s history, which is why we link to them directly from vehicle inventory pages on our site. These are available without having to enter any personal information or copy and paste VIN information into another site, it’s just right there for you.

Clear Financing –Pricing is clear on the SchumacherUsed site, and we even link to a Kelley Blue Book comparison so you can see the estimated value and average pricing of similar vehicles, and how those compare to our prices. We have a tool for estimating payments, which even factors in your trade-in – also valued on those same Kelley Blue Book estimates.

5-Day Exchange Policy –A sign of a good dealership, according to the FTC guide, is a 3-day return policy. As the guide mentions, this isn’t a legal requirement, so it’s not guaranteed you’ll find this everywhere. But here at SchumacherUsed, we offer a 5-day / 500-mile exchange window as a way of going above and beyond what is expected.

3rd Party Inspection –Third-party inspections are an important tool for consumer confidence, to the point where the FTC says rather bluntly “If a dealer won’t allow an independent inspection, consider going to another dealer.” SchumacherUsed is happy to allow third-party inspections of vehicles, but that isn’t the case at a lot of other dealerships.

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Buy With Confidence At SchumacherUsed

It’s unfortunate, but there are some places where buying a used vehicle carries more risk than others. That’s the whole reason why the FTC published this guide, and the reason why we’re sharing it with you now. We think you’ll appreciate the upfront pricing and transparent shopping experience at SchumacherUsed, and how well they fit with the FTC’s guidelines. So take a look at our inventory, we think you’ll find something you like.