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Have a car to sell?

BuyCar by Schumacher is the answer. BuyCar by Schumacher buys your vehicle the same way Schumacher has always sold them — offering our one best price. It’s the easiest, no-haggle way to sell your car.

Have a car to trade?

Schumacher makes that easy! If you’re ready to trade, you can get the fair value of your vehicle with a free online valuation.


Fair, as always.

We accept most, if not, all trade-in vehicles and we strive to offer you the best and fairest value for your trade or we’ll explain the reasons for our inability to do the same. Because appraisals are highly subjective, the value of your appraisal is most accurate when done on-site at the dealership.

Your choice.

Trade-in valuations can also be established by making an in-person appointment, or by clicking the Trade In tab on pages that feature individual cars.

If you have any questions about trading your vehicle, please call 844-325-6175 to speak with a sales consultant.


Fair, as always.

We offer the best possible value for your vehicle — prices comparable to what your model brings at dealer auctions. Get an idea of the value of your vehicle.

We’re buying what you’re selling.

Whatever condition your vehicle is in, wherever you bought it originally, we’ll buy it. It doesn’t have to be a Schumacher vehicle – or of pristine Schumacher quality – for us to make you an offer. If it rolls, we’ll make an offer.

Can’t you offer me a price, sight unseen?

Our Market Driven powered tool provides online estimated valuations based on both objective and subjective information that you supply. Some customers over- or under-estimate their vehicles quality, or overlook features which can vary the purchase price we offer. Dealers who offer prices sight unseen often quote the maximum typical models bring, then cut their offer if your car is in anything less than unrealistic condition when you show up. That’s not the Schumacher way.

You get your money fast.

We issue a check as soon as the title is verified. Contact your closest Schumacher store for additional details.

Are appointments required?

No, but it’s advisable. We want to be able to give you immediate service, particularly during busy periods. Fill out our simple online form, and one of our associates will reach out to you to arrange an appointment.

Safe and secure.

There’s nothing to be worried about — no negotiating to do, no questionable characters coming up your driveway, and no doubt our check will cash.

It’s easy.

We make selling your car to Schumacher as stress free as buying one. To get started, just fill out our online form.

How we determine a fair price.

We pay wholesale market value, which changes for every model daily, based on supply and demand.  It’s roughly the same price we would pay if we bought a car at auction, or if you traded the car in.

How do I start?

Schedule an appointment with a BuyCar buyer, and we’ll walk you through what you can expect, or use our Market Based tool to approximate the value of your vehicle.

You don’t have to buy from us to sell to us.

BuyCar by Schumacher is entirely independent of the car sales process — and appraisals are always free.



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